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As a small business owner, I am all too aware that a little love can go a long way. We are now in the busiest time for retail and with everyone jostling to get your attention and your money I know how things can feel stretched. I am passionate about the importance of small, independent businesses and like to do everything in my power to support them even when I can’t make a purchase. I have seen some advice going around that offers a little reminder of how you CAN support small independent businesses without spending anything. Here is a roundup of the ideas I like....

On social media:

  1. Follow them, make an effort to click through to an account and follow the more followers the more reach for that account.

  2. Like their posts- click that little heart. This is so easy to overlook, yet so easy to do.

  3. One step further...comment, engage and enjoy. Even just an emoji helps gather momentum around a post.

  4. One step further still.... hit the share button, say have you seen this account and think they’re great.

  5. Or even better; tag a friend that will love their account. Specific and meaningful engagement is the aim of the game, so this really does help out.

Essentially, I rely on social media as a free marketing tool as I don’t have access to a big marketing budget. The more people that engage in a genuine way with my content, the more my account gets seen. It's like a really far-reaching word of mouth. So, please stop scrolling and be a bit Keeping a social media account active takes a lot of creativity and often feels like you are shouting into the abyss. When a few people start to engage it makes the world of difference to me and my business as I feel seen and isn't that what's its all about?

Other Ways:

Ok, so social media engagement is great but if you really like a small business and what they do, then sign up to their email list. Social media is precarious. We don’t ‘own’ the details of our follows. So if/when the platform crashes or fails, the silence will be deafening. Clicking to sign up to a mailing list is a more genuine act of following. You might get some great insight into a brand you love and maybe even a little treat of an special offer in your inbox. I can tell you that I am nurturing my list and each time someone signs up I do a little jig. It tells me people are interested in what I am doing and that I should keep on doing it. Your details give me hope that I am growing something of worth and interest. Also, you can really trust when an indie tells you they won’t spam you or sell your details on because we just don't have enough hours in the day to be that conniving!

Last thought:

Anna Lappe wrote that; 'Each time you spend your money you are voting for the world you want to live in'. Every small purchase adds up. If you can put a little thought into how, where and when you spend your money you will start to build a community you want to live in. I know there's a community of unique, creative makers, designers and crafters that would appreciate more than you can even imagine. Do give your support freely and generously through social media and word of mouth but then put your money where your mouth is and shop small this Christmas. WHEN you have bought something, small or big, please take time to write a review, this is a lasting way to show your support.

You can find me on social media here

You can sign up to my mailing list here

And finally to share someone I LOVE, check out the work of Mary Elizabeth Flowers on Instagram for botanical delightful creations and inspiration.

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