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This marks the beginning of something new. The Corbeau Press has always been so completely tethered to Jessica Bartlett. We are one and the same and yet as I feel the business grow I realised in order for it to realise it's full potential I needed to give it space to become it's own thing. So here it is, The Corbeau Press has its very own corner of the internet. Thank you for seeking it out. I hope you will follow along as I create something that speaks of our shared human experience through the exquisite craft of glass engraving. I want to make gifts that are deeply thoughtful, for the times when you don't have the words to communicate the gravity of the emotion. If an action speaks a thousand words, I can create the action for you to give. I want to create treasures and little tokens of love that are held in the hand a speak to our hearts. I am going to build a collection of beautiful things to be loved and passed on, starting with me to you.

This compendium will become a collection of thoughts and ideas to share what The Corbeau Press is and will be, I want to share this with you so you can see where I am coming from and I can plan where I am going.

Please read on to other posts and like, share or comment where possible.

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